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Information about my art: Not a easy task, but all of my artwork are divided by "series" folder. Unless they are original, or they have no place to put at. Majority this gallery contains "fanart". So be aware before looking! BTW I do make my own original characters. (Mostly are furry. ;3)


Favorites: Mind that I will keep faving, even though I have about 1000+ awesome works faved! The only thing that are "categorized" are the "shrines" for Timer, Minti's, and the Bunny from Trickster. ^^; Bare with me, okay?



WWD Myumon Cafe
So for WWD (Waifu Weekend Drawthread), I spot the same Mahiru, Cyan and even Jaehee "husbandos" and you know what? I want to do the maid idea after Cyan-man mentioned the maid idea. But knowing me, I do not want to draw waifus doing sexual acts, so instead, they will serve them sexual-themed sweets!

Or are they?

I also wanted to try the Danganronpa eye style on Cyan and Jaehee, which they turned out nice! I hope in the future I can grow out of the "moe" style, unless its needed like for magical girl stuff.

(Yes sorry for quick Photoshop BG fix. I am just not in the mood to color the BG by prismacolors.)
Just to let /a/ know, yes I was that looser girl who does you awesome Inktober requests for you. So you're welcome.
Join to Paradise by Chaotic-Kyubi
Join to Paradise
AKA "SB69 x Mystic Messanger Mint Eye AU".

Oh boy. Where to begin.

So I joined the MM hell. And boy I did not expect that kind of involvement! I end up with Yoosung first, which I herd good things about him, but I find all partners equal.... Although that still did not help I am not a huge fan of romance, and otome games. :S But I gave Yoosung the exception. (I also want to do Jeehae's route too because I never expect that you can hook yourself with the gal-pal in a otome game!)

I also spoil a lot about Mint Eye. Being a sucker for corruption AUs, I was satisfied when I saw at least one design of Yoosung on Tumblr (by zzsleeps)!

And yes. I named the MC Rosia and chat avatar is her SB69 self. So of course I had to cross with my favorite kemono franchise! ;)

Oh and if I do go sneek myself into free/walk-in MM fan events, I'll be sure to have this as my furry badge. ^^;
Halloween Cyan by Chaotic-Kyubi
Halloween Cyan
One of the /a/ Waifu Weekend requests I took and it turned out way to good! And out of boredom, I tried with Primacolors (and other pencils I have) and try to mix together to capture the "Cyan" colors while blending in into something exciting! Since a long time I took colored pencil seriously, and it looks good...!

If the Cyan lover does have DA, I hope you like it!

Yea Photoshop effects are poo but the white BG is a bit dull and empty.
  • Reading: Skimming through the PoMu character books.
  • Playing: Show by Rock!!
  • Drinking: water
So like... I want to avoid these, but I do not want to be rude, so here you go! Tagged by @PrivateHolland ! DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS I ANSWERED!!! Those who are tagged by me have to the questions I provided!!!

1. Do you sometimes get bruises out of nowhere?

Rarely. If its a painless one but somehow got a bruise, then I will be confused.  I am a klutz too, so I do get some accidental bruises like a scraped knee.

2. What would you do, if someone told you you are as beautifil as a hamster?

"Umm... Thanks? (... Darling?)"

3. Green or black tea?

Green tea.

4. Most loved music genre?

Makina!!! But I do listen to almost all EDM and some band arrangements thanks to Show by Rock influence.

5. Do you find gore attractive or disgusting?

Depends on how its done. Artsy guro... You can go check Manglo's work. I can't never do good guro since it does require body studies to get the parts right...

6. Freeze over or die of heat?

Freeze over, at least I can "sleep" before I die. Also I live in California so its already like living on a oven, but at a land instead of a appliance.

7. If you could stop time, what would you use the power for?

Travel by foot to reach out to places I want to go.

8. Have you ever drawn with something not supposed for drawing?

Ummm... I don't know? Balloons?

9. Do you collect fallen leaves?

Not really.

10. What smell is best for you?

My current Body and Bath Works lotion. And cheese or BBQ related smells when it comes to food.



  1. Are you hyped for Pokemon Sun/Moon?
  2. If you are, then how do you feel that we will never get any new Mega Evolution Pokemon? If you are not, what draws you back from the Pokemon franchise?
  3. Do you like furry art? What is appealing? If not, then what turns you away?
  4. Do you like anime/cartoon that is currently "hyped"? If not, then what turns you away?
  5. How do you feel about the huge aesthetic change (mainly the visual novel art) in the recent Pop'n Music installments from Lapistoria to present? Or to non-PoMu fans: How do you feel about the fate and direction (knowing this is Konami we are talking about) in the Bemani sub-company? Did you drop "everything" because of how Konami treats their brands on the recent months/years?
  6. Cosplay or Alternative Fashion? (Alt. fashion as in like decora kei, fairy/pastel kei, gothic/lolita, visual kei, etc.)
  7. Travel to one country of your wish or travel to your favorite amusement park?
  8. Favorite guy/girl in Mystic Messanger? OR favorite "visual novel"? (Could be Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa, etc.!)
  9. Do you like the pacifist options in Undertale? If not, then why?
  10. FINALLY, do you think games with human choices in fantasy-based worlds should fight off foes who are intelligent, or would you ratter negotiate with the enemy and attempt to make them join your side? Or you would ratter be a cold blooded killer who is here for the "numbers" on the stats card.


:iconlil-koisuki::iconseamonsterchris::iconshiki-scarlet: :iconryuseitheferret:


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:bulletred:Commission info (also on DA too) :

A bizarre imagination of light guro, sliced body parts, black blood, and melting clothes or hair to goo... The mind of Tiana Rabi.

Online Nickname: Timer Rabbit
Age: 27
Furrsona: Tiana Rabi
Fictionkin/Avatar'd: Nia (Pop'n Music), Rosia (Show by Rock!!), Toriel (Undertale), Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)
Hobby: Drawing, gaming, dancing
Favorite videogame: Pop'n Music, DDR, Beatmania IIDX, Trickster Online (shut down), Eden Eternal, PangYa, SB69
Favorite genre of music: Hardstyle, hardcore (J-core), makina, happy hardcore, "Pony remixes"
Likes: furry, kemonomimi (mainly usagimimi), cosplayed characters, art, animation, PONIES
Dislikes: Pulling off work, "brain-cracks", internet-idiots, bullies, and anything that can "maybe" kill myself.
Favorite characters: Timer, Minit's, Nia+Toa, Rosia (and the entire Criticrista band), Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan band, anyone with usagimimi, Rarity, Octavia+DJ P0N3... JESSICA USHIROMIYA IS MY WAIFU!
Trickster server: Jewelia (Shut Down at Feb. 27 2013)
Trickster IGN [J]: LadyGaap, LisaMaria, RyoAsakura, JessicaUshiromia [shut down]
Trickster IGN [F]: Gaap [shut down]
PangYa IGN: Makina
Eden Eternal IGNs: Rarity (Hiatus)
Fandom/Subculture Stamps:
Makoka: Mami stamp by Kaze-yoJessica Ushiromiya Stamp by taokyakyaCriticrista Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi
Meowstic Fan Stamp (Female) by Skymint-StampsMeowstic Fan Stamp (Male) by Skymint-Stamps677 - Espurr by Marlenesstamps
Shu Zo (SB69) - Stamp by mr-tiaaRosia stamp by Chaotic-Kyubishow by rock!! stamp by Sissystamps
pop n music by DaasEriadorTimer stamp by Chaotic-KyubiMinit's Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi
Nia Toa Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubihire me fire me by molly-stampsJapanese street fashion -Decora- by Tea-Strawberry
I Love Makina stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi

Enjoy your stay!

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