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Information about my art: Not a easy task, but all of my artwork are divided by "series" folder. Unless they are original, or they have no place to put at. Majority this gallery contains "fanart". So be aware before looking! BTW I do make my own original characters. (Mostly are furry. ;3)


Favorites: Mind that I will keep faving, even though I have about 1000+ awesome works faved! The only thing that are "categorized" are the "shrines" for Timer, Minti's, and the Bunny from Trickster. ^^; Bare with me, okay?



Learn to not feed to the trolls... Not to feed the trolls....
Oh. DeviantART changed its features again. Sorry if the Faves are accidental. Will take a bit to get used to.
I wish I have the mental strength to reply to some of you guys' fill-in-meme entries and such, but man this headache sucks. X(
Happy New Year everyone! I think I will have a slow day on DA.

I do wish I can pull up a real commission post on DA, and maybe list certain offers for something so basic.
But yea. I will not hide the fact I am fictionkin for several reasons. (One of them is to cope from depression.)
  • Listening to: Naughty Poodle - RoughSketch
  • Playing: Show by Rock!!
  • Drinking: water
Oh boy. Thanks a lot :iconthe01angel: for this. xD Yes I am tagged... To SEVERAL challenges!


1- You have to post all the rules (Please, do it so that it's clear for the person you're tagging).
2- Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3- Answer 13 asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4- Choose 13 people (I don't care).
5- You have to legitimately tag 13 people..
6- You can't say you don't do tags.
7- Tag-backs are allowed.
8- You must make a journal entry. No comments, unless you're talking about the entry.
9- You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish on time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
10- Be creative with the title. No "I got tagged" stuff.

*About 9: You will not get punished, but I swear I will try to come up with creative questions!

1. My first time exposing into a rhythm game (and a Bemani game) was DDR on 2001!

2. I may have been the first "teen" to probably annoy the Bemanistyle members with my love for Minit's. (Same for Timer, but I quickly adopt the "Timer Rabbit" name, which end up being my "aritst alias".)

3. I first started trying and playing Pop'n Music in like maybe 2005? Not sure.

4. After doing some of my projects involving cutting or carving (that aren't hard to handle), I learned that I like cutting objects into something creative (see my litograph and rubylith works), and I guess this is why you see some of my old art involving dismemberment.

5. My complementary artists are Takashi Murakami, Mr., Sebastian Matsuda, and three (a trio of Anonymous artists/sculptures.)

6. I find emotional pleasure to hard EDM songs. (Currently listening to Naughty Poodle by RoughSketch!)

7. I am also able to translate hard EDM music into art (Robota Stories were vocally inspired by nadeco's El Viaje ablum!)

8. I am not a cosplay fan, but I love to put myself in thrifty J-Fashion looks, especially decora kei!

9. This year in 2016 I am able to attend almost all of the Harajuku Day Gatherings!

10. Lately, I love the dolls of Build a Bear workshop! My favorite series are teh Honey Girls!

11. My first and original fursona is a rabbit named Tiana Rabi. She really hates the world.

12. I prefer to live the polyamromantic lifestyle, but I will have to choose one partner to be wed.

13. Finally: I am pansexual and identify as genderfluid.

Now for the questions from the AI-Idol!

1. What's your New Year's resolution?

Not sure. But what thing I need to do is to find a job. (I wish I can work at Disneyland or Build-a-Bear...!)

2. What's your favorite childhood memory?

Not sure TBH, but I can tell you my dream! Back when Digimon Frontier is a thing, I had a dream where I was in school, dating Kouji Minamoto. There was this generic anime guy in glasses, spying from behind a classroom, because technically I'm his crush. Kouji is very short compare to the other guy in glasses because technically in canon Kouji is 12 years old. :S

3. What's your favorite holiday?

A mix between Halloween and Christmas!

4. What's your favorite genre of music?


5. How insecure are you?

A lot TBH, especially as a adult. I felt like I am being judged outside the Harajuku Day gathering (and maybe Hot Topic).

6. What's your favorite dessert?


7. Do you like to travel?

Yea, but I will only do that if I am wealthy!
8. What's your favorite mode of transportation?

Bus or plane.

9. What would a "perfect day" for you be like?

Nice and sunny. Not to much rain, and able to go to LA.

10. Do you prefer to take showers or take baths?

Showers. I'm to "tall" to fit the tub.

11. How would you describe the perfect party for you?

Arcades, movies, food, talking about NSFW things in our private room. (No kinky fun times I swear!)

12. Is there a song you'd consider the most annoying song ever for you?

That's hard... I guess anything from Justin Bieber?

13. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?!

Talk to Fili and he will say "North"!


So basically I list both the "best" and "worst" facts and memories of 2016! I don't think there is a limit. I'll leave this option... Optional.


  1. SHOW BY ROCK#! (Basically Season 2). Also the SHORTS! episodes!
  2. Fall 2016 lineup is not as bad!
  3. Met my kin mates Holmy, Jacklyn and Tsukino!
  4. Joined Amino, felt good about it!
  5. Did pretty sweet stuff to my gallery (and my portfolio)!
  6. More SB69 merch...!
  7. Get to go to Harajuku Day gathering at least every month!
  8. Slowly building my decora collection and closet!
  9. Get to go to Anime Expo for 1 day! Met Koisuki as Mettaton!
  10. Get to go to Retro Gaming Expo with my (ex) friend and met Andre AKA Black Nerd!
  11. Get to do the "Anon and Waifu (Christmas) Dinner" for the first time! (My waifu is Jessica Ushiromiya, FYI!)
  12. Get to draw more after Inktober and deliver requests on /a/!
  13. Get to go to CaliFur for the first time!
  14. Won 3rd place at a CaliFur Pokemon Tournament! (Not many participants though and its not professionally run well.)
  15. Played Five Nights at Freddy in a giant auditorium, in pajamas, and screaming like Markiplier, but less funny!
  16. Made a Rosia x Mettaton fursona: Rosiaton! ^^;
  17. Of course met new friends/connections thanks to CaliFur!
  18. Getting lots of presents from Catherine!
  19. As well getting some commissions!
  20. Pop'n Music Eclale
  21. Nia + Toa obsession.
  22. Disneyland? I think?
  23. nadeco's El Viaje album!
  24. Learned I was kin with Rosia, and a few other characters. :) (That's why I changed my icon on DA!)
  25. Get to to talk more about my waifu!
  26. Upgraded my Pokemon Decks!
  27. Get to vote for a good reason!
  28. Hand-me-down iPhone 5! Its old but ITS STILL SMOOTH TO USE APPS!
  29. Signed up for Trickster Online!
  30. Got my Renewal Gacha UR! (Halloween Rosia!)
  31. Got into Comikaze, but for a certain distance!
  32. Finished reading the Lady Gaga biography.
  33. Made new shirt designs for PAOM! (Please go check it out!! )
  34. First Build-a-Bear doll! Her name is Misha Rosetta, and she's one heck of a dancer! And.. In a Lalaopsy party dress. ^^;
  35. My small faith in this generation's teens. (Such as ALT!)
  36. Get to meet Blaine Yazawa for the first time! He and I were RPers back in our younger selves and met through Facebook. I saw him develop through time.
  37. And of course my lovely J-Fashion friends, my geek friends and my online friends! <3
  38. Zootopia, and how it changed the furry world forever.
  39. Pokemon Sun/Moon! (I am still working on my casual-comepitive team. T_T; )


  1. Elections. ==*
  2. I never got to do new Stepmania files, ahaha...
  3. Broke up with my ex-friend. (Thus learned I prefer the polyaromantic lifestyle.)
  4. Many of the veteran celebs died. You know? Its bound to happen. I hope they can finally rest after leaving such a amazing legacy behind.
  5. Orz I am waiting to see if I am summoned for juror service. If not I always have to check every night to see if I am elected to Phoenix Wright's court or not. --;
  6. Depression, anxiety, and lack of encouragement from my mother. (She's also homophobic, but its due to her culture, and she is pretty naive.)
  7. Hot weather at AX. Never again, unless buy a single pass or a 3-day pass, and try to find shade at cosplay gatherings.
  8. Got two Mettaton EX charms... Only to leave half-snaps from a war with the iPHone 5.
  9. The intense pressure from my mom.
  10. She wants me to start finding work on 2017. ;;
  11. That means I had to halt college because I seriously, SERIOUSLY can not multi-task!
  12. The fact when I still don't know my mental symptoms.
  13. I like Nurse Witch Komugi-Chan R, but same time I HATED the script/story. :S I love the characters though.
  14. Scared that I might offend anyone from the SB69 kin network for someone who is alright with hentai and such. :S
  15. TFW I'm 27. :S
  16. I cry a lot more than the last years.
  17. No Touhoucon 2016 due to some tough issues.
  18. Oh yea the Fukushima earthquake and seeing the Kuma mascot cry.

That be it! That's a long-ass list. :(


  1. What do you like about Pokemon Sun/Moon? It doesn't have to be gameplay to those who do not play!
  2. What do you dislike about Pokemon Sun/Moon? (Same as above.)
  3. What anime do you like this year for 2016?
  4. Whose YouTuber do you like this year for 2016?
  5. What favorite music or artist do you like?
  6. Do you have any plans for anything geeky? (Anime cons, gatherings, etc.?)
  7. Give me your favorite kemonomimi character! (Characters with animal ears and tail. Doesn't have to be full furry.)
  8. Let's be real and be honest but not to harsh: What do you think about the Otherkin/Fictionkin community/sub-culture?
  9. If your close friend believe he/she is a fictionkin character, would you continue to help support your best friend? Or would you ignore and leave him/her? :(
  10. Who is your favorite female (or trans-female) role model... In entertainment, and of 2016?
  11. What is your favorite item you got or gifted this year of 2016?
  12. If you have played any TCG or want to try, which series do you want to get into? Can be a foreign game!
  13. FINALLY: What do you think of me this year? (If you don't know me, then tell me what do you think about my art?)


  1. :iconseamonsterchris:
  2. :iconshiki-scarlet:
  3. :iconblackroseseduction:
  4. :iconryuseitheferret:
  5. :iconmelody-hikari:
  6. :iconthe01angel: (For the questions part)
  7. :iconnobody-kadaj:
  8. :iconvio-lin:
  9. :iconbigmac1212:
  10. :iconruinc:
  11. :iconmanwithoutwings19:
  12. :icontaylorstoonadventure:
  13. :icontufftony:


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:bulletred:Commission info (also on DA too) :

Pop'n Music Toa blink by UtopiaRainbow Pop'n Music Nia heart~ by UtopiaRainbow

A bizarre imagination of light guro, sliced body parts, black blood, and melting clothes or hair to goo... The mind of Tiana Rabi.

Online Nickname: Timer Rabbit
Age: 27
Furrsona: Tiana Rabi
Fictionkin/Avatar'd: Nia (Pop'n Music), Rosia (Show by Rock!!), Toriel (Undertale), Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)
Hobby: Drawing, gaming, dancing
Favorite videogame: Pop'n Music, DDR, Beatmania IIDX, Trickster Online (shut down), Eden Eternal, PangYa, SB69
Favorite genre of music: Hardstyle, hardcore (J-core), makina, happy hardcore, "Pony remixes"
Likes: furry, kemonomimi (mainly usagimimi), cosplayed characters, art, animation, PONIES
Dislikes: Pulling off work, "brain-cracks", internet-idiots, bullies, and anything that can "maybe" kill myself.
Favorite characters: Timer, Minit's, Nia+Toa, Rosia (and the entire Criticrista band), Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan band, anyone with usagimimi, Rarity, Octavia+DJ P0N3... JESSICA USHIROMIYA IS MY WAIFU!
Trickster server: Jewelia (Shut Down at Feb. 27 2013)
Trickster IGN [J]: LadyGaap, LisaMaria, RyoAsakura, JessicaUshiromia [shut down]
Trickster IGN [F]: Gaap [shut down]
PangYa IGN: Makina
Eden Eternal IGNs: Rarity (Hiatus)
Fandom/Subculture Stamps:
Makoka: Mami stamp by Kaze-yo Jessica Ushiromiya Stamp by taokyakya Criticrista Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi
Meowstic Fan Stamp (Female) by Skymint-Stamps Meowstic Fan Stamp (Male) by Skymint-Stamps 677 - Espurr by Marlenesstamps
Shu Zo (SB69) - Stamp by mr-tiaa Rosia stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi show by rock!! stamp by Sissystamps
pop n music by DaasEriador Timer stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi Minit's Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi
Nia Toa Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi hire me fire me by molly-stamps Japanese street fashion -Decora- by Tea-Strawberry
I Love Makina stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi

Enjoy your stay!

Pop'n Music Timer CRAZY WORLD by UtopiaRainbow




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the01angel Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I have good news! Your Pop'n Music drawing of Mimi and Nyami dressed as ChuChu and Cyan from Show By Rock! request will be complete after I get a few more drawings done! Emoji17 

Would it be okay if I included Whip as Moa and another character (haven't decided who yet) as Retoree for the whole Pop'n Plasmagica?!Icon Moa-Show by Rock Chuchu Show by rock Icon Icon Cyan Hijirikawa - Show By Rock ( #05 ) AnimeShowByRockGirlKawaiiRetoree AnimeShowByRockGirlKawaiiMusic AnimeShowByRockGirlKawaii 
Chaotic-Kyubi Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student General Artist
Yay! And sure!

And Pochiko is the closest Retoree since... She's... The only dog girl in PoMu Land... 
the01angel Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
What about White-Merry and Creamy? They are poodles...
But I agree, Pochiko is closest Pop'n music Pochiko icon 
I guess she is our Retoree, then! Emoji17 
Chaotic-Kyubi Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2016  Student General Artist
Oooh yea I forgot about them! But to keep the continuity of the "kemonomimi", Pochiko is the last person come into mind. xD
SZ64saulius Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I heard you have step'n music and characters!
Chaotic-Kyubi Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016  Student General Artist
I do, but do PM me about it.
ruuey Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Hey!! Thanks for the watch! :hug:
Chaotic-Kyubi Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Student General Artist
Np! :)

(I am the same Drawfriend who did so much for Cyanfag, Mahirufag, and pretty much anything SB69 or Danganronpa so far. And yes I admire folks who enjoys drawing and work hard to improve!)
ruuey Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Student General Artist
Yes, I recognized you right away! Thank you again aaa
Chaotic-Kyubi Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Student General Artist
Np! C:
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