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Information about my art: Not a easy task, but all of my artwork are divided by "series" folder. Unless they are original, or they have no place to put at. Majority this gallery contains "fanart". So be aware before looking! BTW I do make my own original characters. (Mostly are furry. ;3)


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Favorites: Mind that I will keep faving, even though I have about 1000+ awesome works faved! The only thing that are "categorized" are the "shrines" for Timer, Minti's, and the Bunny from Trickster. ^^; Bare with me, okay?


I Won't Depend on Anyone Anymore by eltlove I Won't Depend on Anyone Anymore :iconeltlove:eltlove 172 14 Mami Tomoe by LegenSegerr Mami Tomoe :iconlegensegerr:LegenSegerr 70 17 Homerun by GreenWiggly Homerun :icongreenwiggly:GreenWiggly 99 7 Selfish by yuumei
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Selfish :iconyuumei:yuumei 25,648 5,678
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Wow. I am doing my confession and my tummy just wants to ruin my day. X( Its going good so far at least...

Also I want more Nia and Toa. It did not help that I am still behind on the cards I'm missing.
Two months b4 Nia and Toa's birthday. Jesus. 

Let's not forget about Timer too. :( I'm so lost on PoMu birthdays, ahahaha...
Did a Nakaji/Nakashi AKA "NO MEGANE NO LIFE" folder at last. He surprisingly and BARELY got enough submissions. Cast related to the music video from GFDM/IIDX are welcome as well!
Post midnight confessions:

1. Thanks for giving me the moment to update the "Nia-Toa" folder on WELUVPOPNMUSIC! But I wish there are more real drawn fanart of Nia and/or Toa and not screenshot edits or doll generator templates. I don't know when I will get back to drawing Nia and Toa for fun. Plus I am art-blocked from drawing more Nia-Toa so yea. I have to finish setting up for my 2nd screenprint project and I need to figure out how to make it super dang amazing. (And I wish there's a printmaking/screenprinting community for "kitch" type of art... You know... The "animu style" everyone loves and hates.

2. I sort of want to re-make this: Royal Transformation by Chaotic-Kyubi

But I want to be financially supported too. Should I do like a mini kickstarter where where you can pitch any amount until the meter reaches the max desired amount? Top of that, will I have enough of a fan-base like the obscure Tokyo Mew Mew fandom to help pitch artist efforts like me? (Or my friend Koisuki?)

3. For those who do see that I can do art commissions, I am willing to push my comfort zone to do SFW fetish art as long its appropriate for DA viewing (even with mature tag). I want to do ABDL art that is mostly stim/comfort kind of art, AKA where subjects are happy to role play age play to ward off real life stress. The RPs with a certain elegant seamstress character changed how I view ABDL, but I am still selective on what kind of art I'm looking for and trying to stay away from the "cringe memes". Also I never draw poofy diapers before. xD  Anyway, yea. I am open for those too, but they will be experiments. I can reduce the price if desired as long I do get proper feedback after doing one.

If anything I honestly wish I can make so much for Califur, but now its a mix of both. :S
  • Playing: FE: Heroes

Hey everyone! I am STILL open for commissions! I am in a tight bind and I need to help my family out! I am open to “almost anything”! I range my portraits/half-shots (or character/furry badges) for $10 at max, to the biggest being around $30-40!

If you can spare some time, please consider hiring me to do you fanart of sorts! Mostly primary on “most” anime, Pokemon/creatures, kemono/furries, and so on!

And yes. THIS IS URGENT. If you love my work, please help me out, or buy one of my PAOM shirts. Thanks!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:bulletred:Commission info (also on DA too) :

Pop'n Music Toa blink by UtopiaRainbow Pop'n Music Nia heart~ by UtopiaRainbow

A bizarre imagination of light guro, sliced body parts, black blood, and melting clothes or hair to goo... The mind of Tiana Rabi.

Online Nickname: Timer Rabbit
Age: 27
Furrsona: Tiana Rabi
Fictionkin/Avatar'd: Nia (Pop'n Music), Rosia (Show by Rock!!), Toriel (Undertale), Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)
Hobby: Drawing, gaming, dancing
Favorite videogame: Pop'n Music, DDR, Beatmania IIDX, Trickster Online (shut down), Eden Eternal, PangYa, SB69
Favorite genre of music: Hardstyle, hardcore (J-core), makina, happy hardcore, "Pony remixes"
Likes: furry, kemonomimi (mainly usagimimi), cosplayed characters, art, animation, PONIES
Dislikes: Pulling off work, "brain-cracks", internet-idiots, bullies, and anything that can "maybe" kill myself.
Favorite characters: Timer, Minit's, Nia+Toa, Rosia (and the entire Criticrista band), Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan band, anyone with usagimimi, Rarity, Octavia+DJ P0N3... JESSICA USHIROMIYA IS MY WAIFU!
Trickster server: Jewelia (Shut Down at Feb. 27 2013)
Trickster IGN [J]: LadyGaap, LisaMaria, RyoAsakura, JessicaUshiromia [shut down]
Trickster IGN [F]: Gaap [shut down]
PangYa IGN: Makina
Eden Eternal IGNs: Rarity (Hiatus)
Fandom/Subculture Stamps:
Makoka: Mami stamp by Kaze-yo Jessica Ushiromiya Stamp by taokyakya Criticrista Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi
Meowstic Fan Stamp (Female) by Skymint-Stamps Meowstic Fan Stamp (Male) by Skymint-Stamps 677 - Espurr by Marlenesstamps
Shu Zo (SB69) - Stamp by mr-tiaa Rosia stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi 003 // show by rock!! by Sissystamps
pop n music by DaasEriador Timer stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi Minit's Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi
Nia Toa Stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi hire me fire me by molly-stamps:thumb401538774:
I Love Makina stamp by Chaotic-Kyubi

Enjoy your stay!

Pop'n Music Timer CRAZY WORLD by UtopiaRainbow




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Mukuro has the Tumblr account called the Carnal Kingdom Updates Stuff on one of the links in his page and plus, Mukuro's gmail account under his alias is Maurice Daniels and
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