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Information about my art: Not a easy task, but all of my artwork are divided by "series" folder. Unless they are original, or they have no place to put at. Majority this gallery contains "fanart". So be aware before looking! BTW I do make my own original characters. (Mostly are furry. ;3)


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Okay. I found the site, as well catching up with CK. I wish I can pitch a bit onto Paetron but my PayPal is currently empty and I had to prioritize on my projects at campus life. Though I am thinking of ways to contribute to the project.

AKA: I am gonna freak out of Zorra (fox-girl) and Amelie (sheep-girl), angelic "monster-girls" would actually get a cameo. It felt like forever since I have ever contribute some of crossover ideas into his story. @@; I also feel like writing a drabble for Jessi-nii, who was MIA from CK activities. (Same goes to Nia+Toa.)
To those that know me for being one of the earlier fans of Mukuro's Carnal Kingdom series... I had a memory trip when visiting Paheal boards and saw the front cover of a new comic. I honestly, HONESTLY gotta catch up. Sadly no new demons to contribute. Jessica can flaming fist me now for forgetting about her second home.
I am open for commissions again! Sadly I think the invoice fee is kind of mischievous, so for now I have the fee increased. ;;
Belated International Women's Day, but I am pleased to get three new pieces up, two were women of positive power! I hope you like them!

Also the Airen commission helped me more for the charm, as well ended up using the rest to pay my friend for a pre-order item that was for me... FML. ^^;
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So, its no surprise, but Solar Sands, a DeviantART cringe and art critique channel posted a video series "Browsing DeviantART" about Tattletail.

And OH BOY. He nails it the basics of why umm... I cringe sometimes whenever I try to get onto a Tattletail community. I have not finished the game (BUT I WANT TO) yet due to conflicts with the graphics card and actually want to turn off the fizzy effects.

I want to ask him his opinion and question: Has FNaF as a genre gone to far?

And I'm talking about the freeware/fan-games of FNaF inspired games. Five Night's at Candy's, Joy of Creation, etc. And I am not to surprised if many more of these creations will pop in more often in the "animatronic horror" genre.

Yes. I think the fandom or gamers I saw on social media admit that FNaF is making a genre of itself in the branches of a horror genre tree. And calling Tattletail as a rip-off is... Interesting. Yes I am not dumb to notice some similarities.

  1. Five nights to do all of these Tattletail chores.
  2. A demon or spirit is processing a antagonist robot toy.
  3. Medicore graphics (which I don't care as long the game play is good and zero cringe art).
  4. And basically the "main character" is a robot, but as a toy and not a pizzaeria prop.
  5. Oh yea. For a robot the main star in Tattletail is animal-like. Just like the FNaF cast.

But there are differences, even small ones that got my attention even more since I am trying to faze away from the FNaF fandom (because its bombed by today's youth now) :

  1. Free roam. Yes FNaF: Sister Location has that sort of function too but its coming from a sister game and a spiritual sequel to the FNaF, which that had zero free roam.
  2. Tamagouchi/pet simulation sub-game mechanic. Annoying or not, its kind of nostalgic that I had to replay my childhood hobby raising a virtual pet so it wouldn't be cranky.
  3. It knows my late 80s/early 90s nostalgia owning a Baby Furby.

And I cut a bit of slack since Waygetter Co. made this as its first paid game, and I give props for trying. There is room to improove, and especially hoping to make it original and away from FNaF. Sadly the fandom and Solar will not gonna turn back now calling it a rip-off. I like this game, but not hardcore enough.

The baby Tattletails are all good guys, which is different from the FNaF cast where all of the animatronics are all here to eat you up. Baby Tails were actually just... Babies, and need the attention, but also in need of a human (with high imagination) to stop a spirit that made Mama bad. They... Are the good guys. Just annoying good guys. Which is a nice refresh in the "animatronic horror" genre. I wish there is appreciation for that.

I think what bugs Solar is that the Tattletail fanart are all either FNaF rip-off ideas or because Tattletail as a series within a series/game is like enjoying a really medicore 90s cartoon about... Baby Tattletails. Kind of like the 80s/90s MLP cartoons. I think. Baby Tattletail is also a pretty moe (charming you want to protect trope) so that's another factor. (Baby animals we love, but just a added bit of Furby-ism?)

That's just me. I want to post this because I have not talked a lot about the Tattletail hype and am in the "process" of playing it without being scared shit about a jump scare.


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:bulletred:Commission info (also on DA too) :

Pop'n Music Toa blink by UtopiaRainbow Pop'n Music Nia heart~ by UtopiaRainbow

A bizarre imagination of light guro, sliced body parts, black blood, and melting clothes or hair to goo... The mind of Tiana Rabi.

Online Nickname: Timer Rabbit
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Favorite genre of music: Hardstyle, hardcore (J-core), makina, happy hardcore, "Pony remixes"
Likes: furry, kemonomimi (mainly usagimimi), cosplayed characters, art, animation, PONIES
Dislikes: Pulling off work, "brain-cracks", internet-idiots, bullies, and anything that can "maybe" kill myself.
Favorite characters: Timer, Minit's, Nia+Toa, Rosia (and the entire Criticrista band), Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan band, anyone with usagimimi, Rarity, Octavia+DJ P0N3... JESSICA USHIROMIYA IS MY WAIFU!
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Enjoy your stay!

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