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August 21, 2011
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MLP G. Gap Meme: Timepiece by Chaotic-Kyubi MLP G. Gap Meme: Timepiece by Chaotic-Kyubi
Finally!!! I got it done! Drew the lineart around July, forced to put that on hold, doing other projects, finished the last gap, and then.. Yea. Finally colored it!

Now a bit of information on Timepiece: She's my "ponysona" for MLP: FiM (AKA the G4 designs). Her design is based on what I like and also her name sake of my infamous nickname: Timer Rabbit. The tie is based on Timer's tie from Pop'n Music 2, while the hair is based on Misa Amane from "Death Note" or Ange Ushiromiya from "Umineko no Naku Koro Ni". The bunny hair-clips is there to tell that I still adore bunnies. :3 The choice of colors are based on Timer's suit, but also thanks to a Pony Generator for the choice of colors! (Including the eye colors...)

So with that said...

Original: I have no style of my own for these ponies. (I'm not a fan of horses in general, but FiM is a heavy acceptation!) So I just grab my "Pony Friends" fanart and slap Timepiece there for the record!

G1 Pilot: Firefly! Okay I only watched a good review about it, and learned that Firefly does have Rainbow Dash's characteristics! Googled references for this. Also, from G1 to G3, she won't have the twin-tails 'cause they are strange on horse bodies. :I

G1 Friends: I did not get a good reference on these. Also experimenting with the manes. Soo... She looks very plain. :(

G1 Tales: From a few Bronies and MLP Veterans: Tales is like Arthur (the Ant-Eater) meets ponies. Since it's like having ponies drinking shakes and dress-up and having high school drama, I thought I give Timepiece a role as expert cosplayer! Yes that's her clothes if this era forces all pony to dress up...

G2 Box Art: I'm amazed that this style is more horse-like. And I mean from the necks to the legs.... They are tall. Lazy on the hair and gave her a alternative hair accessory to sell to the little girls.

G3 Series: Funny. I got a few of G3 toys, but I have no courage to watch the show... I was not into MLP while this is up! But since the show is pretty much heavily girl-focus and not as interesting for the male audience... Timepiece is pissed.

G3.5 Art: if you want a not-so-curly hair style to admire, it would be Toola-Roola. Oddly i'm used to this style, since I have seen even weirder chibi art styles for humans. Nothing much but this Gen is pretty much were you have the freedom to wear a ponytail or... Twin-tails. But guh the lineart was the worst to deal with! D<

G4 Pilot: No difference from the "original" slot. I love G4 and it's characters. End of story. Also thank G4 for getting me into MLP and it's silly pony adventures!

Another... Art style?: I have NO pony artist I like! D< Okay.. My original plan is to pull a abomination of drawing Studio Deen's Umineko character style... However, one day while waiting for the train to L.A. w/ my family, I end up drawing Timepiece in "Panty and Stocking" style, AKA the new style I want to adopt for quick and wild drawings! Also, can you tell the now-close resemblance to Ange? Yea... I love her hair to much. Oh and she's holding her pocket-watch.

Credit to :iconmarbletoast: for the meme! [link]
And obviously Hasbro for the MLP fun!
(And Ryukishi07 for the thought of the hair-style... <3)
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Creativitee (My ponysona) approves of your top hat! :3
Chaotic-Kyubi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks! :D (I should do more of my ponysona... She has changed a bit... Mostly 'cause she kept on forgetting the necktie lawl.)
FlimSkim Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lol. xD And sounds cool. :)
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So Cute!
:huggle: Your art is in my :+fav: ! :D
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Thank you so much! ^^
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I like you:D
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